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Kawamori Tadashi

 カワモリ タダシ

河森 惟史





CO | USS Shadowfax


NKZ-406-8172 SVD







53321.2 (April 27th, 2376)


Hayate Valley, Tsubasa II











  • 2394 | Enters Starfleet Academy as Engineering Cadet

  • 2397 | Completes Kobyashi Maru Scenario, notable for choosing to fire upon S.S. Kobyashi Maru instead of attacking vessels. Was able to provide sufficient reasoning to allow for proper grading.

  • 2398 | Graduates Starfleet Academy with rank of Ensign. Assigned to U.S.S. Calypso as Systems Integration Engineering associate.

  • 2400 | Promoted to LtJG, reassigned to Starbase 39-Sierra as a power systems engineer

  • 2401 | Is recognized within a year as capable of testing for Lieutenant and achieves line number for promotion. Reassigned to U.S.S. Stonewell as Systems Engineering Team Lead

  • 2403 | Takes command of an away team after a group of renegade Gorn ambush them at a beam in site. Manages to lead people to a safe contact location without having to engage in any excessive fighting.

  • 2404 | Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, begins taking on extra Engineering programs.

  • 2404 | Reassigned to U.S.S. Proxima, given assistant Chief Engineer position.

  • 2406 | Takes on a two year long special duty assignment at Deep Space 6, where he volunteers to be part of setting up the power systems for a long distance emigration fleet and works with integrating and setting the foundation for the fleet as it is built up for its long journey.

  • 2407 | Is promoted to Commander and is put in charge of the Engineering teams readying the emigration fleet. Expresses interest in more command roles and to be involved in the advanced exploration mission attached to the fleet.

  • 2408 | Completes special duty tour but is now so entrenched in the emigration fleet project he actively requests involvement in the mission. Is assigned first officer of one of the escort ships, but is told Command does not intend him to stay with that ship past launch time. Word is the heating tensions with the Klingons is casting doubt on the viability of the emigration project.

  • 2409 | Helps create a fleet wide petition to keep the emigration and exploration project ongoing in spite on the war with the Klingons, citing that to allow a conflict to stall a project at the very essence of what the Federation is about is to give up on that for which they are fighting. Command officially gives the go for the launch, tentatively in 2410. Kawamori is officially assigned to be the first officer of the lead exploration ship, still under construction.

  • 2410 | Delays in the construction of the updated drive systems of the U.S.S. Shadowfax cause the fleet departure window to slip to 2411. Kawamori moves to Starbase 185 to assist Engineering teams on readying the ship. Due to a wartime incident, the planned commanding officer is reassigned. Starfleet chooses to bump Kawamori to Captain and promote him immediately so he can begin to get everything ready for launch within a years time.

  • 2411 | U.S.S. Shadowfax leaves drydock and finishes shakedown cruise in the early part of the year. By summer they officially depart ahead of the emigrant fleet still at DS6 to begin exploring and mapping out the road ahead of the fleet.

  • 2412 | Shadowfax officially passes the point where they are no longer efficiently able to be recalled due to local events and are ordered to continue their mission despite the uptick in unique events homeward such as increased Undine activity and Romulan schisms.

  • 2412 | Commands Shadowfax through an area rife with ruins and monuments to a dead civilization. One incident involved an outpost with a form of mild intelligence that activated a booby trap on their approach, showcasing immensely powerful weaponry beyond known scales. Later cross referencing confirms the ruins belong to the dead race known as Stellarians, the creators of the Stellarmerian sub-race on the other side of the Federation, proving they once had quite a far reach, if not as notable as one compared to Preservers and Iconians.

  • 2413 | Shadowfax arrives and begins year long exploration of a star cluster later learned to be named after The Crescendo, a loosely organized government of species who for reasons known only to them uplifted almost all local species in the cluster of pre-warp status and connected them via a local subspace network. It is learned this set up was designed so that the Crescendo races benefitted from the trade and travel of the lower races who were dependent on them for this ability, and were often discouraged or too technologically primitive to advanced their own spaceflight. Kawamori is tested several times trying to offer help where he can amidst the fact that he officially cannot do anything to change things due to the Prime Directive. His logs state the entire year in the cluster evolved him as a captain.

  • 2414 | News of the events back home involving the opening of the Delta Quadrant via the Dyson spheres, and the Iconian threat (and later full on conflict) rock the crew as they continue moving on charting a chain of systems that is hitting a lot of the check marks for a suitable settlement location. Kawamori has the ship move back and forth along the safe charted path to and from the traveling fleet to resupply and convene with leaders there.

  • 2415 | Early in the year a planet is selected within good proximity of other good resource worlds to make official settlement. Captain Kawamori officially lables the emigrant fleet mission complete and helps set up the early plans for the colonization mission to follow, knowing he won't be staying around too long for it.

  • 2415 | Kawamori is officially given new orders to return with the Shadowfax to Federation space for reassignment in the middle of the year. The ship fully restocks with the fleet and makes for a departure along the charted path, utilizing its advanced drive systems, since augmented with some locally adapted technology and help to speed up the return trip.

  • 2415 | Kawamori arrives in DS13 port in mid-November. U.S.S. Shadowfax begins a long overdue refit process after the 4 year mission.

  • 2416 | Involved in combat operation with fleet and a rogue group of KDF ships. Attempts and only partially succeeds to removing explosive from U.S.S. Vanguard, resulting in severe damage to that ship.

  • 2416 | Took part in exploration of POI-K-1454.

  • 2416 | Took part in the Hera III Rescue Mission aboard the U.S.S. Polaris, a support ship to the U.S.S. Axiom

  • 2416 | Took part in a mission to Ragesh to scout a potential colony for Terix that ended up having a photonic civilization.

  • 2416 | Involved in S.S. Lapland situation related to the Eledri situation at the time.

  • 2416 | Joined Diplomatic task force intended to find non-combative ways to deal with the Species 2492 problem.

  • 2417 | Shadowfax aided in defense of New Circini from Tzenkethi forces

  • 2417 | Kawamori assists group on recon mission aboard RRW Aensai to learn where kidnapped personnel from DS13 were taken by Species 2492.


Tadashi Kawamori was born on the Federation colony world of Tsubasa II, which had a heavy Asian Human population when founded in the 23rd century. As such he was raised in a modern Japanese family despite having never actually been to Japan until he joined Starfleet Academy. A studious kid, he found himself daydreaming about the mysteries of the cosmos and would read pulp fiction stories based on the heroes of Starfleet such as the Enterprise missions of Kirk and Picard. He was particularly enamored with the far flung stories from the Voyager Logs published after the ship's return to the Federation. He decided on the goal of becoming an engineer to design the systems that enabled ships to explore the unknown, secretly dreaming of commanding one of those ships one day. Life takes a long time to get to the dreams of a young man though. Kawamori's early career points often tried his patience and he often found himself dejected that it wasn't as simple or straightforward to just get on a crew doing that kind of work. Every so often though he'd find a piece of inspiration to move him forward. This is how he ended up getting involved in the set up of the Olympia-Frontier emigration fleet project, one of the Federation's largest undertakings in mass extension of exploration into uncharted spaces in decades. A combination of perseverance, stubbornness, and a so-called genius charm led him to finally landing his dream job of a long term exploration of the unknown. Being a fresh Captain, he was tested and hardened by the frontier instead of the trials facing Starfleet in their home space. This has led him to rapidly mature his outlook but also keep a starkly optimistic viewpoint. Some say this is simply because he missed the tragedies and horrors of the Iconian War and other recent events, but he'd say he just had the fortune of seeing the bigger picture in a time that forced other people to focus too hard on watching their backs and their neighbors. As a result, Tadashi tends to be initially very receptive and trusting of anyone, but he calmly and silently is often always playing the numbers in any interaction and is said to often have a plan in mind for any scenario, even if he never explains it, which he seldom does. His own crew have come to nicknaming his often prophetic and well paced judgement as the genius of the "Grand Floating Head," a nickname that the lower decks of the Shadowfax created based on his clever oversight that spread and has stuck with him to this day. Not an infallible or perfect person by any standard though, he merely just tried to present such in his professional appearance and to boost morale to his crew. His senior staff and friends get a bit more insight and know him to be the friendly and sometimes self-questioning person he can be on the inside. One of his life experiences that shaped him was the meeting of a young civilian engineering contractor at Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems' San Francisco offices during his Academy years named Kaname Mitsuki. He eventually fell for and got married to her while still a cadet, often seen as a rushed move. This culminated, or perhaps likely followed Kaname's pregnancy and the birth of their daughter Rumiho. Kaname's work and Tadashi's assignments post Academy though strained their already fragile relationship, not to mention the effect on their infant child. Only a year after his graduation from Academy the two divorced and Rumiho stayed with her mother. Tadashi tried to visit as possible and make sure his daughter knew who he was despite that he was unable to raise her like a proper father. Though their post-marital relationship is amicable, Kaname often cites that Tadashi's head is lost in the stars and more interested in the unknown than his own family. Tadashi is rarely able to rebuke this and refers to it as his ex-wife's checkmate statement. During the 4 year Shadowfax mission, Rumiho, then in her teens wanting to get to know her father began communicating with him via subspace using video messages. Tadashi has revealed to select few that the opportunity reignited a fire in his soul. The effect it had on Rumiho was telling too as she decided to follow in her fathers footsteps and joined Starfleet Academy recently herself (to only the slight chagrin but resigned acceptance of her mother). Tadashi is extremely calm in the Captain's chair, though it took time for him to learn the calm. Elsewhere he finds a smile easy to come by and doesn't hold back his excitement for the things he enjoys, including his love of Japanese rock music, which the crew has come to appreciate as he will often play some nights in the ship's lounge. Early in his command he was known for often repeating the phrase "Don't take your eyes of those monitors!" when situations got serious, but in more recent years this has evolved to a more silent and collected observance of his bridge crews work, often giving short quick orders to his first officer who directs the majority of actions. Typically when he seems to make curious and strange decisions that cause crew to pause or question what is happening, he will often simply reply "Will you please repeat my order?" which has become a sign that he is aware of what he is doing and often imbues a sense of confidence in his crew. He prefers not to give into exposition to his crew about how he comes to certain decisions but leave it as an exercise to them to figure things out, which is one of the things that led to his aforementioned nickname, a reference to him as an all seeing but un-answering deity of the ship. Reportedly he finds the name really strange but can't help but smile at it. Rarely does anyone call him the name to his face though.


  • 河森 光ル kana: カワモリ ヒカル Kawamori Hikaru (Brother) | Human, Non-stationary, Federation Investigation Bureau

  • 蜜気 琉美保 kana: みつき るみほ Mitsuki Rumiho (Daughter) | Human, DS13, Starfleet Academy Cadet

  • 蜜気 要 kana: みつき かなめ Mitsuki Kaname (ex-wife) | Human, San Francisco, Yoyodyne Senior Engineer

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