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Jenni's Journal - Chapter 8


Day 51:

Well my fears were just... I woke in the early hours this morning - startled - by Lexi looming over me! I could see the point of her fangs and the hunger in her eyes... I screamed and pushed her back, which actually worked to my surprise! She staggered backwards and recoiled on the floor, huddling in a corner. It was then I saw - as she looked back up at me in my bed through teary eyes - she could not sate the thirst that boiled in her blood, and was weak because of it too. I quickly realized that she was in turmoil; desperately fighting the urges of her blood, and so I moved over to her and knelt so I could pull her into a reassuring embrace.

I will never forget how tense she felt - fearful for her lack of restraint - but I trusted her. Close as she came to feeding, she resisted until the end, and I knew that was enough. We sat there on the floor and talked for hours until she caught my interest by the most obscure form of address; 'Masceymer'. I had no idea what she meant, and she could see the confusion in my eyes. She claimed that I am not Bosmer or even half-breed - but something called Masceymer. She said she had encountered 'my' kind before; in the ancient times of her origin, and had even had the fortune to get close to one.


But by far the most worrying thing she said; she spoke of dark times falling upon Tamriel - like some sort of prophecy linked to my very existence! I did not like the sounds of that any more than her implication that my entire life had been a lie! Worst of all though; she could not even back any of this up with naught but her own insistence, and one small detail... my cloak!

She made me look closely at it and the small emblem emblazoned in one corner. She said she had seen it but once before, and that was the sign of these 'Masceymer'... that meant it could also be a link to my learning more of these truths of which she spoke! I recalled that the Khajiit I traded it from was heading back to Elsweyr, but spoke of a layover in Falkreath before heading south into Cyrodiil - he was my sole link to this apparent lost heritage and it seems I only have a small window in which to track him down!

Lexi encouraged me to pursue the caravan with all her heart, but said she could not come with me. 'The desert sun - with my... complexion?!' she joked! She insisted that she would be alright, and had a separate path to walk; and she insisted that we would reunite upon my return. But I knew I could not leave her alone in such a weakened state, and so I... I made her feed on me...

I believed from tales - and she confirmed - that Vampires can partially feed on a person without draining their life or turning them. And so I insisted that she take from my strength; that she may find her own to survive in my absence. For I had a caravan to catch up to...

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