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Jenni's Journal - Chapter 7


Day 50:

The worst possible day. It all happened so fast, it was like a blur... Our trek back to Solitude had taken us high into the mountains after we parted with the Khajiit. We were just walking along when I was suddenly knocked to the ground - all I remember was hearing this ferocious roar. I scrambled to regain my footing and draw my blade, but was not fast enough. I still remember looking up to see the huge form of this sabre cat staring back at me with a hungry snarl. I thought I was done for and scrambled backwards desperately only to find myself pinned against a rock. Looking back up to the sabre, I saw it's arm draw out to deliver a killing blow but as it swung, Mischa... oh Mischa... she dove right at it! The sabre swiped across her face and I heard her whimper painfully as she skidded across the ground. Looking back to the sabre I refused to let Mischa's sacrifice be for nothing and used to the time she bought me to prepare my blade which I plunged deep into the sabre's neck while it was distracted by Mischa.

With the threat dealt with, I hurried to Mischa's side as she lay on a high rock still whimpering. I felt tears in my eyes as she turned to face me - revealing the bloodied scar across the side of her face - and as she lay back down I knew it was too great an injury for her. That did not stop me though and I tried to help her. My magical prowess is limited but I know some basic healing and so I placed my hands to her face. She winced but held true - brave as always, my Mischa! - but my healing spell was not strong enough to repair such a critical wound, and I knew her time was near...


I wept the whole time, but was determined to honour my beloved companion as I gently picked her up and carried her over to the cliff edge "Don't worry" I told her "We'll find you a nice spot where you can look out over the world and keep a watch on me wherever I go". I found the perfect spot and laid her down; she seemed content as she rested and as I looked out at the view she would be forever blessed with enjoying, the Divine's smiled down on her with the forming of a rainbow, "See Mischa; they're welcoming you into Sovngarde with all the other great heroes of this land". I had no idea if she was actually from Skyrim or not, but it felt right to honour her with the local tradition in place of any known ritual from other realms.

I knelt at her side and looked up to the stars as night fell; praying to each of the Divines in turn over and over that they would protect her soul and guide her to Sovngarde that she may run free and happy for all of time. As the rainbow faded into the night, so did Mischa. My cheeks were red and sore from the cold burning at the tears streaking down them, but it was done. I have decided to sit the night out here at her side; to watch over her corporeal form while her soul transcends and so find myself babbling on in this journal entry. But, I think I hear something... what in Oblivion is that...?!


Day 51:

I still can't believe it... last night as I watched over Mischa's body, I was drawn by a glow emanating from her body. At first I thought I was witnessing her soul depart, but it grew more intense and through the bright light I could see her form shift... and grow! I watched in disbelief as she continued to morph before my eyes but the morning sun was already rising by this time and I had no darkness to play tricks on my eyes. She lay there motionless; long black hair flowing down across fair skin - she looked like an Imperial! A girl - a real girl!

I moved cautiously around to get a better look at her have never witnessed such magics before; she was... she /is/ beautiful! I'll never forget it - as I looked down curiously, her eyes shot open with a gasp and she scrambled to her feet - almost backing off the cliffs edge in the process! I quickly grabbed her hand and held her steady, "Mischa it's ok, your safe. It's me - Jenni!" I assured her. Then as she caught up with her senses - she did seem really confused by her perspective - she looked back at me, "Jenni...? Jenni, my name is /not/ Mischa! I am Lexi!" As she spoke I felt my jaw hang open. Not only was my faithful companion stood before me and talking - but I could not help but notice the fangs; she was also a vampire!


I watched as 'Lexi' continued to adjust - still in disbelief - her hand trailed up to the scar adorning her cheek from the sabre's swipe, "I'm alive..." she mused, sounding in equal disbelief. "And you are not a dog!" I replied, bounding forth to give her a warm hug. I knew in my heart that whatever (or whoever) she was. Nothing could take away that she was still same soul who fought faithfully at my side all those times, who found me after I was lost for weeks, and who sacrificed herself to save my life! She felt tense as I hugged her, but she soon relaxed and laughed adding 'I am also naked...'

She also smiled and hugged me deeply, "You saved me from my eternal torture Jenni, and now you have even restored me to my true self. Thank you". My cheeks once again felt damp with tears, but these were not sad - for this was surely a blessing from the divines? "How?" I asked her, trying to comprehend the situation still. I watched as she ran a slender finger across the scar on her cheek once more, "I think..." she started, sounding like she was still trying to figure it out as well, "...that giving my life to protect yours was the charm that broke me from that curse..."

Anyway, after a lengthy talk - and wrapping her in a rough cloak I made from the sabre's pelt! - she revealed much about her past, but was naturally focused on getting away from the wilderness we sat in. She said she knew a safe place - a haven of sorts - that she could teleport to, and held her hand out to me welcomingly. I admit that I was uncertain about being whisked away to some unknown place by a vampire. But I trusted her and so took her hand. Moments later, we were stood back in the manor house where I first found her. I asked if this was her home, and she nodded; wasting no time in sorting through the musty remnants of her ancient belongings. I still did not know how long it was since she had held this form, but it was clearly a VERY long time!

Returning to greet me in the main hall, she was now fully clothed and seemed to be recovering strength well - standing tall and proud like a true Imperial. I looked to her and could not withhold the question any longer "You're not going to feed on me... are you?"

She looked at me and laughed. Lexi assured me that her hunger had evolved over the time she had spent in canine form and that she would be quite satisfied without sating it in such a manner. She assured me that even were she to become so desperate and uncontrolled, that she would still rather take her own life before being a risk to me. I could not understand why she felt this loyalty to me, nor could she for the most part I think, but together we figured that it was a kind of bond which had formed as a result of our time together while she was the husky. I think it makes sense too that this curse only lifted from her when she made a self sacrifice like she did; given that it was apparently placed on her by a sibling who grew tired of her poor attitude at the time.

But now she happily prepares us a meal with some freshly caught seafaring game while I write. I keep having to look up to confirm that she is real, but find myself most curious now as to where things will go from here...

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