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Jenni's Journal - Chapter 6


Day 49:

After leaving Sadrith Kegran I had a long trek ahead of me to the nearest village, let alone back to Solitude. The first couple of nights I set up camp in the wilderness, managing to snag some hare's to cook up. Continuing my trek this morning though, I remember an overwhelming feeling - like a chill running down my spine - as I walked past an ancient burial site. This took my attention as I had been around a few such places but none had induced such a feeling. As I turned towards the entrance I saw the source of this feeling - a ghost! But not a vengeful spirit, this was one benign and seemed to be beckoning me closer, so tentatively I entered the ruins. The ghost was elusive but never allowed me to get lost and eventually I found what it wanted me to see; it's body.

I looked curiously to the spirit as he sat atop a nearby rock and he pointed to the decayed body on the floor, or so I though, but looking again I saw he was pointing to a book and so I took it. As soon as I lifted the decrepit parchment, he vanished and I swear I heard a whisper inside my head 'remember...' - remember what though? How am I meant to remember something if I don't know what it is I am meant to remember...?

But I digress for this is where things took a turn. As I made my way back out of the ruins, I think I took a wrong turn and - as I walked through ancient catacombs - I paused midstep as I heard noises from behind; the sudden falling of dust and such with something being disturbed in my wake. My hand went to the hilt of my blade and I turned to see one of the Draugr stepping down from it's resting place. I felt a rage burn within me like never before - I think I was annoyed with myself for not noticing it as I passed by? - but as I stared back at the undead creature the fire burned hotter and I felt my hand raise as an outlet for it; trembling at first before I managed to control it and tightened my fist around the forming magical flame in my palm.


I was about to unleash this magical fire upon the Draugr when suddenly - out of nowhere - he was knocked to the floor by a black and white blur from the side. The growl and subsequent happy barking confirmed what I daren't believe - it was Mischa! With the pent up rage and associated fire fading almost instantly, I ran over and dropped to my knees to hug her, and I'm pretty sure I giggled as she licked my cheek, I was just so elated to have my companion back!

It was getting late by the time we exited the ruins - I had no idea how Mischa could have possibly found me, but I also did not care. We continued along mountain pass and soon came upon a Khajit trading caravan and I knew with their guards that this would make a secure place to bed down for the night, but they remained wary of us and said they would only welcome one who was trusted through trade. I protested that I had nothing but the armour on my back, to which the trader simply grinned and said he'd give me a fair price for it! Reluctant as I was to part with my protection, it was worth it to hold a safe camp for the night now that I had Mischa back as well, and so I traded my armour to the Khajit and bought a simple - albeit rather exotic designed - dress from his far traveled wares, I also couldn't resist this adorable heart charm he had!


After he RELUCTANTLY allowed me to change in the privacy of his tent and our trade was completed, we settled down and shared stories around the fire. I've not really met any Khajiit before and was fascinated by their culture - namely these Moonpath's! I must learn more of these when I get back to the museum - maybe Aureyn knows of them. But now the fire has died down and Mischa is already sleeping at my side (having been worn out playing with one of the Khajiit guards, I never imagined a Khajiit would show such a fondness for canines!). I thought when I first looked upon this dress as the Khajiit pulled it from his travel chest that it was actually nightwear... I could not fathom how such an outfit might protect from elements, let alone anything else. But now I feel it's fabric against my flesh, I begin to wonder... though it is seems rather course to the touch - as one might expect - as I wear it now it feels so soft, a gentle hug on my flesh. But most amazingly, I do not even feel the cold! I can see the frost breath forming in front of my face as I breath, yet my exposed arms do not even turn to gooseflesh with the crisp air. Having experienced the sensation of wearing empowered clothing before I can not help but wonder if there is also some underlying power within this fabric. At the very least, I will not complain as it keeps me warm and comfortable for a good night's sleep!

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