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Jenni's Journal - Chapter 2


Day 5:

What a day! It seems my instincts were right and - with the combination of me in this powerful armour and with Mischa at my side - we were successful! On the way back from the vampire's manor, we stopped at an old shipwreck that seemed to catch Mischa's attention. Of course it was also being scouted by a group of marauders and a fight ensued.

But it get's better... inside the wreck, we found treasure - REAL treasure! At least I know why those marauders were so bent on holding the place; must've been waiting for reinforcements to help them take their haul. Me and Mischa didn't need to clean the place out though - we searched the rotting old ship and found a small lockbox tucked away in what was left of the captain's cabin - among a collection of suitably exotic rarities.

After leaving the wreck, we continued inland and found a suitable spot by the side of a small brook to make camp. The fire is slowly dying now, but it's light remained long enough for me to crack the lock on that box! The ring it held, well... I thought this armour emanated a powerful magicka! To describe it as beautiful just doesn't do it justice. But as I sit here now writing this, I look down at it still in the box and dare not even try it on for it feels so powerful. It frightens me...


Day 6:

Well we did it! The trinkets we gathered on our little adventure were sufficient to sell at the market when we got back to Seapoint and we raised enough to buy the lodge! I was so excited I ran all the way up to the lighthouse earlier - gold jingling in my pockets like they were going to explode!

After enjoying a day of settling into my new home and celebrating with a nice fresh fish dinner for us both, I sit now on the porch - MY porch - looking out over the beach, with the sea of ghosts stretching out to my left and the rest of the village to my right. I find my gaze drifting up to the mountains above Seapoint now though, I have had a taste of adventure beyond this quiet life and I like it. I think I want more...

I think Mischa wants it too; it seems like whenever I'm thinking on something I can look into her eyes and sense her thoughts on the subject (or maybe I'm just convincing myself that's the case to justify doing what I want, I don't know...). I mean, I still have that unusual ring from the shipwreck - none of the market merchants would give what I felt it was worth, so I held on to it as the rest of our haul was enough to buy the lodge. I bet I could get a fair price for it up in Solitude...


Day 7:

Today Mischa and me arrived in Solitude! I could not believe how big and fancy everything was - and so many people! It was overwhelming at first and as I walked from the main gate through the vibrant market district, I accidentally bumped into a street beggar and promptly shied away. But Mischa knew better... she growled like I've never before heard, and bounded after the beggar! Turns out /he/ had bumped into /me/ as a rouse to slip the coinpurse from my belt - oh the humiliation... but thanks to Mischa we didn't get robbed blind on day 1 in the city! In fairness though, the city guard were quick to act and drag him away to that big castle up on the hill there. I guess that's the dungeon...

One of the guard's was real nice though and asked me if I was new to town - I guess my rough village attire and faint odor of fish gave me away! She pointed me to the local tavern and told me about some local shops, so I wasted no time in going and getting myself something more befitting a city girl before renting a room at this 'Winking Skeever'.

Even this tavern is SO fancy! They got a girl downstairs singing and playing the lute that I can still hear from up here, apparently she learned to play like that at some college here in the city - they have everything here! But after soaking in a hot bath (with the strange salt things too - no idea what they were, but I must find out because they smelled beautiful, and so do I after bathing with them!), and trying on my pretty new city clothes; I went downstairs to enjoy the bard's playing while I ate and got to talking to the girls from the clothing shop I met earlier. They also figured I was from out of town and got to assuming I was an adventurer! Of course I played along as I kind of am now, and asked them about buyers in town. Turns out they knew of some weird old Altmer guy who has just bought up an old hall or something at the far side of the city; said he's been asking around town about relics and such! So that's my task for tomorrow, but not until I enjoy a sleep in this nice soft bed!

Day 8:

Well we found Aureyn at Mac-na...something hall, and the girls were right; I showed him the ring and almost fell over when he told me what it was worth! He admitted that he didn't have the coin to buy it from me but made a curious offer instead. He said he was trying to turn this old hall into a museum of sorts and that he could use a partner skilled in the retrieval of such relics (and presumably able to resist the lure of using them!); so in return for keeping the 'relics' on display in this museum (relics which he said will still be mine by right of ownership, just held there on display for others to enjoy), he said he could offer me a shared ownership in the place which would see a share of all the profits and donations made. If that wasn't enough, he said there was even a converted home on the upper level that he has no desire to utilize as he's too buried in his work down in the library, so I could move right in there!

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