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Jenni's Journal - Chapter 1

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Jenni's Journal - so paws off! (yes especially you - Mischa!)


Day 1:

I was so excited when I heard the news this morning! Old lady Jurgiksen from up at the lighthouse told everyone at the Inn that she's moving up there to save her old legs walking back and forth from the town every day. Apparently that hill gets preeeeetty steep...

But this was just what I needed! With Runa moving out of Seaview, it would be empty so I could move in there... right? NO! I asked her about it and she said she would sell it to me for 6000 Septims... 6000! Though it is a lovely home and probably worth it, how was I going to ever raise that kind of gold?! I knew I would have to work harder than ever, but Runa understood how much I wanted it and so said she would hold it for me as long as she could. This might still happen...

I quickly headed out and did all the chores I could around the village; I spent the morning fixing up Avalanche's shoes with Haelga at the stable (she's nice but that Dunmer guy who always lurks around there gives me the creeps!). After that I went to see Hathukeeus at the alchemy shop; not that I really knew what I was doing in mixing all those smelly potions, but she gave me some coin for them still (and I did manage to figure out a few useful combinations, so maybe there's more gold to be made in all of this!).

By the end of the day though, I had barely made a few hundred septims. Tomorrow I'll need to seriously up my game if I want that house...

Day 2:

Sundas! This was too perfect... market day in the village meant loads of visiting merchants from the East Empire Trading Company would be stopping by on their way to Solitude. I got up extra early and went out scouring the shoreline for clams, found a few pearls too - even a black one! Not sure if I even want to sell that or not, after playing with Hathukeeus' lab yesterday I'm curious if it's of more use there or not...

I ventured as far as I dare - right up to that old fort just around the bay. That place is real creepy... and full of those stuck up yellow elves! Think they're so good, I've got pointed ears too dammit! I even noticed an old dock tucked into a small dock on the far side of it with a small row boat moored up, curious I thought...

But it seems my adventuring got the better of me and by the time I got back to Seapoint, the merchants had already sailed on! Thankfully I was able to cook up my gathered clams for the Inn which earned me a decent wage for the day, and Belcon from over at the Treasure Trove gave me a bit more for the pearls too. This was still taking way too long though, I needed a new plan!


Day 3:

I'm scared. It's cold and dark here, and something feels wholly unnatural about this place...

So this morning, I got up early again and - following a quick prayer to Dibella - I set out with gritted determination! It was still dark when I reached the rowing boat, even after I was waylaid by a pack of wolves! I unhitched the boat and pushed out into the Sea of Ghosts. I wasn't even sure where I was going (rowing is sooo stupid, going backwards all the time so you can't see!) but I trusted Dibella to guide my hand and allowed the current of the retreating tide to steer my way. I don't know how long it was, but I eventually bumped onto a small outcropping. And there it was...

The ancient stone seemed to rise as high as I could see when I looked up, though I knew this was just an illusion of perspective it was still a daunting sight; the dark entrance flanked by big old ugly gargoyle statues while even the thoughts in my mind were drowned out by the crashing of the waves. I tied up the boat and readied my small hunting blade - just in case - as I climbed the stairs 'Dibella guided me here, this must be safe' I kept telling myself. And I was right!

It took all my strength, but I managed to heave the big timber door open and stepped into what seemed like an old manor house on the inside. Just very cold and... stony! I knew in my heart that this place would yield some treasure that I could turn into the gold for my house. I just had to find it...

It's now been some hours - I think - and this place is a labyrinth! I already stumbled into an old treasury room full of nothing but cobwebs and stale air. But now I figured it must be getting late as the temperature was dropping. I could hear a fierce storm lashing at the exterior of the place and knew it would be suicide to try and row back across the Sea now. So I broke up some of the old furniture in here and threw it into the fireplace in this servants room.

But now I can think of nothing more to write for today and I think I can hear noises down the hall. I keep telling myself it's just the wind and a creaky old manor house spooking me, but I must remain vigilant...


Day 4:

I was so silly! Ok so, maybe not as I wasn't hearing things last night. But now I know! After writing my last entry, I hunkered down near the fireplace with an old blanket wrapped around me and my blade held firmly in one hand under it. The noises did indeed grow closer, and then the door creaked open. I was about to scream in a panic before being greeted by the. most. adorable. little. face!

No idea where that little husky came from - probably drawn by the noise or heat of the fire maybe? But after sizing each other up she tentatively approached and soon curled up by my side as we shared a slice of wolf meat from kill earlier that day (only mine was cooked of course though!). I sat up and talked for hours with Mischa - and yes that's the name I gave the husky, nooooo idea what her real name is but she looks like a Mischa to me - after telling her about my adventure and settling in for a nice sleep by the fire with her, I awoke this morning to her licking my face (cute, but eww!)

Mischa led me through to a part of the manor house I had missed yesterday and in there I found what I think Dibella led me here to find; not just trinkets or jewels to sell, but a musty old set of armour! Now I know how that sounds, but this gear was clearly more than it seemed; I could feel the power emanating from it as I approached. Upon closer inspection, I could clearly see that it was armour of an ancient vampire; and suddenly the whole place made sense! I gave Mischa a curious look but it felt like she was encouraging me to use this gear, and so I did. I changed out of my old rags and slipped into the /snug/ corseted armour (easy for vampires to look good when they don't need to breath!). Once more I felt the raw power of this ancient armour course through me, it was mine to wield now.

Though this old armour would likely fetch a fair price on the markets, I have to believe this is greater calling. Even the old blade set upon a plaque over the bedroom fireplace seemed to complement the armour, almost like it's own power grew from the proximity of it. No, these are not things to merely sell; that would be the action of a simpleton. With the power I now possess, I can venture forth and join the ranks of the intrepid adventurers who would occasionally happen upon Seapoint (and quickly move on in favour of more exciting destinations). I can hunt more than small game, I will be a defender of the realm; defeater of bandits and wrongdoers alike!

And... apparently with my faithful canine companion at my side. Seems Mischa wants to come with me, as she hugged my legs excitedly as I left the manor house and jumped right into the rowboat ahead of me! I can't help but wonder if there is something more to this dog when I look at her, it's those eyes. They seem so... alive. Could she be a vampire dog - does such a thing even exist? Maybe she /is/ the vampire who used to own this home and once wore the very armour now adorning my flesh, maybe she got turned into a dog by a witch or something... Or maybe she is just a charming and intelligent canine who's been alone for too long. Whatever the case, our adventure starts now!

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This one is like the experimental style of the Fallout story that was written entirely in-game, but having the text in a separate translation segment makes it much easier to read while still capturing that 'within-the-world' feeling.

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