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Henry Hawkins

Updated: Apr 21, 2023





CO | SS Skyraider


HH-268-1968 THE







64541.8 (17 July 2387)


Archer IV











2405| Created and captained the S.S. Fagin.

Was detained on grounds of theft and smuggling. Escaped to Klingon Space.

2406| Created and captained the S.S. Absolute.

2414| Joined the Alliance in the Iconian War.

Participated in the Defence of Qo'noS.

Destruction of S.S. Absolute.

2415| Created and captained the S.S. Caribbean.

2416| Sets up T.H.E. (The Hawkins' Emporium).

2417| Loses the S.S. Caribbean to the Borg.

Creates and captains the S.S. Skyraider.


"Name's 'awkins. 'enry 'awkins,"

Henry Hawkins was found by a man called "Fagin" on the streets of Archer IV, wrapped in a bundle of clothes. Henry was adopted by Fagin and lived a happy life, growing up with similar boys and girls his age. Henry grew up to be adept at a game they used to call "Pick a pocket"; the aim of the game being to acquire items of interest which Fagin would rate on a scale of 1-10. At the end of the week, the child with the highest ratings would be the Child of the Week and was given a suitable, usually a sweet, edible reward. Henry and his friends lived in a rather nice apartment, at the top of Fagin's shop, "Fagin's Second Hand Wonders." It wasn't until Henry was 8, did he realise that "Pick a Pocket" wasn't a game, and that "Fagin's Second Hand Wonders," was a front for a much larger crime operation. This revelation did not startle Henry one bit; rather, it motivated him to do more for his adopted father. As Henry grew older and became one of Fagin's best, Fagin invested in him, spending his hard earned money to give the boy a decent education. Henry turned out to be Fagin's golden goose and repaid the investment with interest. He was naturally clever, quick and inquisitive. By the age of 18, he had constructed his first ship from scrap parts, the S.S. Fagin, named after his dear dad. Using his new ship, Henry decided to expand his father's operations by going "interplanetary." This plan did not go well; whilst Henry was able to garner contacts and expand the business, it experienced some minor hiccups, namely, Federation Law. Cracking down on smuggling, they came across the unregistered ship and whilst investigating, found evidence of Fagin's operation. In the ensuing raid, Fagin and Henry escaped with their lives, but with nothing else to their name. On the run, they were in luck when the Klingon Empire declared war on the Federation, able to seek sanctuary in Klingon space. Here, Fagin was able to meet up with some of his associates and restart his business. For Henry, this was an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and most importantly, build a new ship; the S.S. Absolute. For the next eight years, Henry would raid Federation space, until the outbreak of the Iconian War. Knowing that a dead galaxy means no pirating, Henry joined the Alliance. During the battle of Qo'noS, the Absolute was destroyed and Henry spent the rest of the war recovering from his injuries. When the ceasefire was finally announced, Henry was once again a free man. What would he do with his freedom? Build another ship, the S.S. Caribbean, and once again take to the stars, looting and pillaging to aid his good father in his humble business. Like father, like son, he set up his own smuggling and contraband group; The Hawkins' Emporium, a seller of fine second-hand goods. Old habits just die hard... In 2417, he escapes as his ship is assimilated by the Borg. Following his narrow escape, he builds a fourth ship, the S.S. Skyraider and once again takes to space, defeating the Borg and doing some mercenary work for the Federation on the side, to aid his legitimate and honest business. Henry is adept at swordplay and a crack shot; he is often seen with either twin rapiers or two pistols hanging from his belt. He is naturally charismatic and highly egotistical, able to perfectly disguise his voice, a trick he learnt from his business deals.


  • PATERNAL (Adopted) "Fagin". Owner of Fagin's Second Hand Wonders

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