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Gandhara III

Gandhara - 3rd planet of the homonymous system, in the Dubhe Sector. It is home to a small Federation colony and research center, numbering to around 16.000 people. However, scattered around the planet is still possible to see the ruins of the ancient civilization that once inhabited it.

Ruins of the Gandharan civilization have began to attract the attention of scholars, researchers, and also raiders, only in the last decade, due to the difficulty in localizing their exact position and the obstacle constituted by the harsh weather of much of the planet.

Despite being officially classified as an M-class planet, indeed, most of the planet is arid, with around 45% of its total surface made by rocky deserts. A more temperate regime can be found around the equator, where also the Federation colony of Vial is to be found. The reasons of the planet's extraordinary aridity, however, maybe not entirely natural: the most recent researches have shown how Gandhara suffered from a catastrophic climate change around four thousands Earth years ago, the same time when the last Gandharan ruins were also built. Still, it is hard to determine what exactly happened, since no trace of radiations or specific exotic particles have been found yet in any exceptional concentration.

//A picture of one of the most famous and best preserved Gandharan ruins: the so-called Palace of the Sphere//

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