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Federation Security


Director Ziva Gibbs


Earth, Washington D.C. Federation Security Headquarters


HQ Staff: ~ 300


Civilian law enforcement


Intelligence and counter-intelligence, Federation law enforcement, presidential protection


Federation Security established in 2163 originally as a Civilian law enforcement agency. For most of Federation Security's existence that remained unchanged until the threat of the Dominion War began to loom. President Jaresh-Inyo just after Admiral Layton's attempted coup authorized Federation Security to hire Starfleet Officers to help expand their mobility and including oversight on Starfleet affairs.

Federation Security also handles protection detail of the President of the United Federation of Planets since the attempted assassination of President Nanietta Bacco in 2385 on Bajor.

Today Federation Security takes part in protecting the homefront of the Federation, maintaining peace and order, as well as enforcing the laws where Starfleet can't. In recent years the department has been key in removing Gorn cartels operating inside Federation space, as well as keeping tabs on the underground Terra Prime movements. Federation Security has offices set on each Federation member world to help coordinate with local security and militia forces. Some worlds such as Andora and Bajor still prefer to rely more on their own local forces before asking for help from Fed-Sec.

Federation Security agents, both Civilians and Starfleet officers are referred to as Special Agent in the field regardless of their rank, as well as typically dress in civilian wear unless the occasion calls for uniforms.

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