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Fallout: Arkansas - Chapter 3

Location: East side of Mountain View, Ridge Time: 11:45am Date: December 19th, 2102 Situation: Serious

"Where the fuck did they get that from?" Trooper Patrick Kirkland said as the four lawmen gazed on the skeletal remains of the town of Mountain View. Below them the Statler brothers had fortified the town with old semi trailers and bits of metal from the old mill, the trucks made a good sized cirlce around main street and butted up to the buildings on either end. A gate had been fashioned out of the bank doors and for the moment was wide open. But what the old trooper was referring to was the man moving around in a old set of T-45 power Armor shoring up said wall, bits of metal had been welded on to add more protection and one could see a skull handing from a set of spikes on his shoulder. It was supposed to scare a civilian, but to someone like Captain Rick Wilson it only set to make him more madder. Wilson had long ago scouted Mountain View and even helped scavenge a bunch of useful material after the war, the town had died the moment the nukes hit as many of its buildings had came crashing down and a radioactive lake killed any chance of a settlement. So he was a little surprised at the progress the men had made in turning it into a fortress, the rumors about the brothers being from a high radioactive zone might be true if they could live here. "Look at that shit on the corners, those are mk.1 machine gun turrets." Officer Derek Carr said as he pointed to the white dots encircling the construct. Indeed the turrets set a bad precedent for the lawmen as it was clear these boys had come to stay, permanently. "Look in the church tower, they got a pillbox with a 50. cal up there." Security Officer Daniel Watson said as he too pointed. Wilson moved his bino's to the tower and could see the tin metal covering a row or two of sandbags, the side facing the gate housed the long barrel of a 50. cal alright. Shit. "That dumass got himself and his partner killed." Kirkland said. Wilson had already noted the two bodies hanging from a light pole. Sons of bitches had a hellva setup, and Wilson didn't like it one bit. "Officer Carr, I believe your long gun will be of use today, get yourself into that tree yonder and be prepared to take anyone that gets on that fifty out, Officer Watson your laser rifle wont do shit from this sort of range, get my long gun from my saddle and you take out those turrets when I give the word. Patrick, you and me will assault. Any questions?" None came as the men moved to do his bidding, most people would call it suicide to attack a camp as well defended as this, Wilson wasn't concerned. Officer Carrs 308. was plenty good enough to pick off anyone stupid enough to raise their head, and Wilson's 50. cal heavy rifle in the hands of Officer Watson would almost be overkill on turrets. When they empty'd the pillbox and killed all the turrets Wilson and Kirkland would advance with the long guns covering them. Wilson checked his 45. spinning the cylinder before holstering it and pulled his pump action shotgun from the saddle and racked a round into it. Trooper Kirkland stepped beside him as he already had his weapon of choice, he carried his service rifle, chambered in 5.56 the damn thing could fire in auto or semi auto. Only thing that worried Wilson was the power armored asshole down there. "I only have two grenades boss." Wilson nodded to Patrick, he only had one himself. "Officer Watson, me and Trooper Kirkland will employ hand grenades on the armor down there, make sure you put rounds into his ass as well." "Dont worry about it sir, I gotcha covered." Good, only thing left was to start the show after Carr got his deer stand up. Carr carried a deployable deer stand on his pack horse, while it normally wasnt something he had but a quick stop at his homestead prior to leaving Batesville had ensured that he was ready for just this sort of situation, after he was comfortably high up and his rifle aimed, Wilson looked to Watson. The security guard was laying on his bedroll, using Wilson's tripod, his aim would be spot on. "Alright, Officers lets uphold the law." The two long guns fired as one, Wilson watched as one of the turrets exploded as its gas tank was hit. The second shot had hit the power armor wearer in the helmet but had not penetrated. The alarm now sounded all five of the Statler brothers came out of the wood work. Wilson noted each was wearing metal armor, all carried rifles or machine guns. Wonderful. The rifles fired again and Wilson watched one of the brothers tumble out of the pillbox, the fifty firing wildly in all directions as he pulled it with him. That was one down the others weren't so stupid as they took cover and fired back. Rounds hit the ground in front of Wilson, he didn't flinch. "Patrick, the bastards can aim." Trooper Kirkland had already moved behind a tree. "So can we." His reply came as Wilson grunted and moved to a tree as well, no sense in getting shot. Carr and Watson had the show for now. The two groups exchanged rounds for several minutes before Wilson saw two of the brothers break off and run into the old post office. "Bet their out of ammo." Wilson agreed. "Covering fire men." Wilson and Kirkland moved as one down the hill, weapons raised. The two remaining brothers in the fight fired wildly at them but missed as the two officers ducked behind trees and rocks. Carr Wilson was fairly sure blew the head off one of them, the creep in the power armor came up with a M249 assault rifle....probably from some national guard armory somewhere, Wilson and Kirkland dove for cover as he let loose with it. Carr and Watson both fired striking the armor squarely, Wilson smirked as he saw one of the suits legs freeze up. "Aim for the head." Kirklands service rifle was spot on as he let loose, Wilson watched as the armor began to deform. He grabbed his only grenade and pulled the pin. "Frag out!" He threw it with all strength and ducked back down. The grenade landed a little left of the gate where the armor was, but plenty close enough to pelt it with shrapnel. Wilson sprinted forward to a rock and dove behind it. He was close to the gate now. Kirkland hadn't moved he reloaded and opened fired again, the power armor suddenly slacked and tumbled forward, the operator finally having been killed. Wilson moved quickly to the gate and peeked around it as Kirkland moved to the opposite side. Three of the five lay dead, the two living where somewhere in the post office, the big window on the front of the building was boarded up so Wilson couldn't see in. He entered the compound with Kirkland on his shoulder. Wilson slung his shotgun on his shoulder and grabbed the assault rifle, it was heavy but three and a half full drums of 5.56 was a hellva lot of firepower. He slipped the strap over his head and moved foreward. Wilson moved to the side of the building and paused, he heard nothing. Not a good sign. He looked around for a moment and grabbed a hammer from a near by toolbox, he wedged the fork into the wood. Kirkland raised his rifle and Wilson yanked the hammer the big board came off and a pair of shotguns roared. The two remaining brothers carried double barrel shot guns, they threw them to the floor and pulled pistols. Wilson had already got the rilfe up and he unloaded on them. The were dead before they hit the floor.

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