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Eyebot Self-Awareness

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Whisper 'gain to me,

Enclave brother memories,

Hopeful wandering,

'neath the scorch'ed sky.

Find myself here, I do,

Nothing more, nothing less,

Learning what I can from you-

This little robot eye.

Just because I must speak these lies,

Do not judge me harshly,

Enclave brothers oft' do scorch

Our once beloved sky,

Oh, dear Wanderer,

Just like me,

We wander for wander's sake,

I do not want to die!

You train your rifle at all I am,

My little eye-bot brain,

I guess I die in obscurity,

Without even knowing why.

((Fallout 3 eye-bot becomes self-aware, composes a poem in his final moments, though can not override the enclave transmission to say it))

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