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ES: Fallout - Episode 1

Episode 1: Not in Kansas Anymore

It had been a long day's hike across the Jerall Mountains for young Crystyl. The dragonborn girl would have sobbed for her lost comrades had the chill not been so fierce as to freeze the tears to her cheeks; but no time for that anyway! As much as she felt the heartache at the loss of everyone she had come to hold dear in the years since defeating Aldruin, there was no time to mourn. Just one more day to cross the mountains into Cyrodiil then on to the Imperial City!

As she walked, Crystyl leaned her head in to the fierce wind which howled through mountains at her - tormenting her every movement as the Nine willed her not to leave Skyrim's borders - but she knew in her heart what must be done! Holding her arm up to shield her soft face from the near horizontal snow and ice the Nine threw at her she recalled the faces of her lost friends; Sofia, Vilja, Aela, Serana... all gone! The Mythic Dawn will rue the day the crossed the Dragonborn and earned her wrath; she just had to reach the Imperial City where - according to Crystyl's reliable sources within the remnants of the Blades - she could find the key to tracking down the Mythic Dawn, and with them; her retribution!

Finally she drew clear of the blistering cold and descended into the dense wooded Heartlands region of Cyrodiil. It was still a fair trek to reach the Imperial City and night was drawing in so she set about finding a spot to set up camp and rest her weary body. Her efforts were however cut short by the sound of rustling through the near treeline. Crystyl silently drew her blade from her hip as she narrowed her tired eyes in concentration.

Before Crystyl could react though, a bolt of lightning came streaming through the dense forest and struck her on the wrist as she moved to shield herself. She turned to face her attacker, summoning her thuum, "Fus-ro-DAH!" Her voice echoed around the forest sending birds fleeing to the skies as her projected force hammered through the trees. Watching for further movement, there was none. The forest had grown eerily silent as she stood prone, watching and waiting. After moments ticked by like hours something finally stirred; a swirling blue and purple aura grew overhead, crackling with lightning and powerful magicka, "What in Oblivion...?" she said staring up at the strange spellcasting. Before she could even think to react; the aura slammed down on top of her... and passed right through to the ground. Crystyl flinched, and blinked... in shock that she was not dead; not even injured, or drained, "What... was that?" she asked out loud to nobody in particular, only drawing a curious tilt of the head from Frostbite - her faithful husky companion.

Seeing that whatever had previously attacked her had long disappeared, Crystyl resumed setting up her camp; curling up by the fire with Frostbite at her side, her heavy and weather beaten eyes soon closed.

Awaking to feel suitably rested and refreshed yet... off, somehow; Crystyl set out to catch some breakfast., "Frostbite; here girl, stay close" she says scratching the dog behind her ear, "Something doesn't feel right." She continued with Frostbite walking faithfully by her side, still unable to discern what felt wrong, until the dense forest began to thin out, "How did we come so far without finding any game?" She asked out loud once more; seemingly she had spent too long with only Frostbite for company and now thought nothing of expressing her thoughts and feelings to the husky. Continuing onwards, heading southwest towards the Imperial City, Crystyl came across the most unusual totem she had ever encountered, "What could it mean? And what is the strange fence beyond? Whatever it is, it looks abandoned... Come on, girl! Let's investigate!"

Venturing beyond the strange totem with one hand hovering constantly over the hilt of her hip-bound blade, Crystyl soon discovered that the totem was not the only thing that did not fit with the Cyrodiilic environment, "Frostbite... I don't like the looks of this..." she said wrapping an arm around the husky's neck as she stared out into a valley which opened up ahead of her only to reveal more strange structures protruding from Nirn, and in an equal state of disrepair.

As she entered the strange village, Crystyl could hear the sound of distant voices. Hoping that someone would be able to tell her what the strange place was she ventured forth until being confronted by an elderly woman with piercing eyes and a shaky voice, "You! You are the one from my dreams!" She said pointing a bony finger at Crystyl, who gave her a curious look, "Forgive my intrusion, Elder. But what is this place? I was travelling near Bruma, but am not aware of this village" "This is Sanctuary; yours as much as ours" The old woman nods confidently in response.

"I have never heard of this place. Are we far from the Imperial City here?" The old woman shook her head blankly, "You speak of places not known to me, Diamond City is the great green jewel of the Commonwealth; maybe that's what you mean" she stated in that quivering voice rather than asking, then she absently turned and walked away leaving Crystyl alone with her thoughts once more.

The Moon Elf looked down at her husky companion with a look of concern even the dog could easily read as she reached up and placed her front paws against Crystyl's arm - a clear sign of mutual understanding between them over the years, "No girl, I don't know where we are either; whatever that thing was last night, it's moved us... somewhere. One thing's for sure; we're not in Cyrodill anymore..."

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