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Elizabeth Sharpe







SI-851-4264 XEY







55774 (10 OCT 2378)


Themis Colony











2396| Enlisted in Military Assault Command Operations (MACO)

Underwent MACO Officer Training at Sandhurst

Underwent advanced training as a Combat Engineer

2400| Graduated from Sandhurst, as an Ensign (ENS)

Assigned to the USS Neptune and MACO Team 27

2402| Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)

2405 - 10| Took part in multiple battles with MACO Team 24 during the Third Federation-Klingon War

2406| Promoted to Lieutenant (LT)

The Neptune was part of the fleet sent to retake Cestus III, with MACO Team 24 playing a crucial part in the Neptunes role in the battles.

The Neptune was part of the Fleet during the Battle of Vulcan.

The Neptune then saw heavy fighting against the Borg throughout the quadrant and beyond. With Captain Sharpe taking a large part in the offensive actions with her expertise in demolitions assisting in the elimination of borg facilities and ships after boarding.

2412| Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)

2414| The USS Neptune participates in significant offensives during the Iconian War with MACO Team 24 leading it’s foot born assaults.

The USS Neptune takes part in the Battle of Sol; She was lost in action with over 40% of her crew.

Post Iconian war, MACO Team 24 is disbanded due to no longer being combat capable to due to 70% casualties in the loss of the USS Neptune.

Sharpe is reassigned to Sandhurst as an instructor while she recovers from her physical and mental injuries.

2416| Sharpe puts in a request to transfer back to an active unit; it is approved pending a full green light on her mental and physical health assessments.

Assigned to MACO Team 15 attached to the 38th Fleet

2417| Transfered back to Earth, following disagreement with the commanders of MACO Team 15 in the line of duty.

Promoted to Commander

2417| Assigned to NSWDG Team Silver as a Task Unit Commander


Elizabeth 'Lily' Leah Sharpe, was born in the years just before the Hobus supernova aboard her father's command. Her father was and still is a very traditional Federation Captain, where he strongly believes in the ideals of the Federation and peaceful exploration and the use of diplomacy to solve conflicts. This was also reinforced by her mother's role as a doctor aboard and off starships, where she tried to strongly instil the doctor's code of doing no harm.

Even from a young age, Sharpe didn't really agree with her parents on this matter but went along with it since they were her parents and they probably knew what they were going on about. When her brother was born, she tried to go along with her parent's ideals, but the more she thought about them, the more she started to disagree with them. When she questioned her parents about this, they almost wholly overpowered her with their belief in diplomacy and do no harm. For the next six years, she hid her true feelings on the matter from her parents until the day she announced that she had been accepted by the academy to undergo MACO selection. Her parents were disappointed and annoyed with her choice but said nothing at this stage, secretly hoping that she would be unsuccessful and transfer to standard Starfleet. By this point, her sister had also just been born, so she stayed away for a year as she underwent the selection process when she returned from her first year after having made it through the selection process with near top marks.

When she returned, her parents took her aside and almost told her to transfer to regular Starfleet when she refused to, saying that this was how she felt she would be able to save the most lives and help people. As this was during the build-up to the third Federation-Klingon war. Her parents told her in no soft words at the time of either transfer or leave as she was an adult at this point, her parents forced her from their home.

She threw herself into her studies and training, graduating from the academy with one of the highest marks in her class. During the Klingon war and following conflicts, she almost threw herself into any fight, thinking first of the safety of others before that of her own. During one of her first engagements with Klingons, the USS Neptune had been boarded and she leads a security detail against one of the Klingon boarding parties to assist the First Officer, where she received her first set of medals during this engagement as not only did she manage to defeat the Klingon boarding party, she put herself at risk to rescue the XO from the Klingons as their position was being overrun.

Her service record continues much like this, with Sharpe proving time and time again why she graduated near the top of her class.

Her parents started to rethink their position on Sharpe choices as they began to hear stories and reports of Sharpe and other MACO actions in general during the Klingon war and following conflicts.

Come the Iconian war LT Sharpe is now LCDR Sharpe, now the commander of a Task Unit. During the battle of Sol the USS Neptune is boarded by the Iconians after suffering critical damage, MACO team 24, along with the ship's security details, perform rearguard action as the crew abandon ship, and the Captain arms the self-destruct. In the initial engagement aboard the Neptune MACO team 24's CO is KIA, leaving LCDR Sharpe in command of the MACOs. She manages to buy time for the crew using smart tactics and cunning use of the ship's infrastructure.

The MACO and the Captain are the last people to the escape pods, having taken 70% casualties by the time they abandon ship, as Sharpe is about to enter her escape pod the ship is rocked by an explosion as an EPS conduit blows up in her face, scaring her face, the explosion also caused the escape pod to launch by mistake leaving the Captain and Sharpe trapped by the oncoming Iconians and with the ship about to explode and only one escape pod left in this set. The Captain pushes a dazed Sharpe into the other escape and launches it as the Iconians storm their final position quickly overpowering the Captain as Sharpe's escape pod launches. A moment later, as she flies off to hopeful safety, the USS Neptune self-destructs.

The next few months are hard for Sharpe as she recovers from her injuries and starts the process to recovery from PTSD, during this time she is reassigned to assist at Sandhurst where she underwent selection and training for the MACOs after the disbandment of Team 24.

After spending time on Earth at Sandhurst and recovers from her injuries and PTSD, she requests a transfer back to an active MACO Team, this is approved, and she is transferred to MACO Team 15, attached to the 38th Fleet. She is posted here for just over a year before the CO of the Team disagrees with her methods and commitment to completing the mission no matter the cost. She is sent back to Earth where she here record is passed to a branch of the MACOs and she is quickly picked up by them.


  • MATERNAL Amy Pressler Sharpe. Docotor, Earth.

  • PATERNAL Andrew Sharpe. Captain, USS Gladius.

  • SIBLING Eve Sharpe. Lieutenant, MACO Team 12. (2390 - )

  • SIBLING Ray Edmund Sharpe. Lieutenant, Science Officer, USS Hope. (2390 - )

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