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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Planet Nuevis III, present day...

Mischa had dropped to her knees in defeat as she helplessly watched Dalir beam out for good. Dropping her phaser to the floor, she rested her face in the palms of hands. It was over, and Dalir had won again...

Lazard: *rubs the side of his hand and looks around*

Eunha: Well that was fun. *Trying to lighten the mood*

Mischa: *sighs* I can't /believe/ he got away again!

Lazard: *shakes his head* Now might be a fine time for an explanation... Princess

Caine: He's outa my range for the locator chip.

Mischa: "Sir, that was the arms dealer who was framing me for the murder of the KDF agent - Kobr"

Mischa: "Oh.. the transmission!" runs over to the desk, "come on... come on...."

Mischa: "Gotcha!" She folds over the desk resting her head on her arms in final releif

Lazard: *returns his arms to his sleeves*

Caine: *tilts her head, looking at the stack of latinum*

Mischa slowly looks up, "Captain.. what are you all doing here? You said I had ten day?"

Lazard: The time table was advanced. I...grew concerned.

Mischa looks around the others, feeling the shame of having them witness her undercover persona

Caine: Like I said, leave a bloody memo next time, Misch.

Mischa shakes her head smiling slightly, "Mal I could hug you, you know that! However... best not in one's present persona..."

Mischa glances around, "Oh my... it can't be..."

Caine: Hnh?

Eunha: *she seems in shock for a moment and says to herself* I nearly had a one night stand with an orion *she chuckles*

Lazard: *Blinks at Eunha*

Mischa shakes her head in disbelief

Eunha: *Winks at Lazard then turns to Mischa*

Mischa: "They were /here/ the whole time..." muses to herself

Caine: *picks up a strip of latinum and grins, pocketing it while she watches Mischa*

Lazard: *Approaches Mischa*

Mischa speaks in a humbled tone, "Mal... do you know what these are?"

Eunha: *realises how low the top of her dress has gotten and adjusts it alittle hoping no one notices*

Lazard: I cannot say that I do.

Mischa smiles broader and broader with each passing moment, "Mal... these are the two Terellian diamonds I was investigating the theft of when I first came here"

Caine: *leans on the table, not commenting. She shoves the rest of the latinum aside carelessly for her own comfort*

Lazard: Then, by all means, let us liberate them.

Eunha: *Re-adjusting her dress does not seem to be working she continues to try and re adjust not commenting on the current event*

Mischa: "Back when I first joined SFI; I was assigned to this case as a field operative, alongside a KDF agent named Kobr - who had been surgically altered to appear Orion" She bows her head slightly, "He was the one that evidence you saw framed me for the murder of... I guess he persued the case and got too close"

Mischa looks back upon the giant diamonds in awe "Sir... these are no ordinary diamonds"

Lazard: *Quirks a brow*

Mischa uses Dalir's console to call up a projected holo of the Nuevis System which fills the room above them

Caine: *replicates a jacket and returns to Jung, holding it out, without really looking at her. Tabi just smiles crookedly*

Mischa: "See here; this is us on Nuevis III" she says as she points at a planet

Lazard: Alright.

Eunha: *Accepts the Jacket and puts it around her shoulders covering herself* Thank you

Mischa: "These two diamonds belong to the royal family of Nuevis IV. They were to be used a matrimonial gift when their prince wed a bride from Nuevis II"

Lazard: I have always found the thought of royalty distasteful.

Mischa: "...Which would have ended centuries of hostilities between the neigbouring worlds"

Caine: Hereditary ruler-ship is a respected tradition in many cultures, Mal. Let's not get judgmental here.

Mischa: "But when they went missing, the civil war grew more rampant and left the system in the state of disarray we see here today"

Caine: So ... what we've got here is a peace treaty in the making?

Mischa: "Mal... we must return these heirlooms to their rightful home. I failed this assigment the first time, and I may not have apprehended the man responsible now, but I can at least put that failed mission to rest. That alone makes it all worth every effort"

Lazard: You will not hear arguement from me.

Lazard: *looks curiously to Eunha* Cold, counselor?

Caine: Exposure can kill, Captain.

Eunha: Yes let's go with cold

Mischa glances sideways to him, "I never thought I'd be so glad to see your impatience get the better of you. Thank you... all of you"

Lazard: It was -not- impatience.

Mischa wraps her arms across her chest, feeling exposure of her own - though not cold

Eunha: *Hands the Jacket to Mischa* I can survive without it

Mischa smiles gratefully as she wraps it tight around her exposed flesh, "Thank you, Eunha"

Mischa breaths a sigh of relief, "It was not the mission ending I anticipated, but it is if anything an even better one." she smiles

Eunha: *Tries pulling up the front of her dress one more to no avail chuckles to herself*

Eunha: Well I think it's time we also got back to that shuttle

Mischa: "The sooner I see the back of this place... and this persona, the better"

Caine: *glances round and chuckles* Tsk. *Tabi heads back to the replicator and orders jacket for Jung. Again.*

Eunha: *places the jacket around her again* Thanks again.

Mischa: "Never thought I'd look forward so fondly to be back in uniform!"

Eunha: Remind me not to wear this dress until I get it fixed *she chuckles*

Mischa looks to Eunha with a soft smile, "It suits you"

Lazard: *removes a device from his robe and begins tapping at its screen* No comment.

Caine: Someone should grab that heap of latinum too. Y'never know when hard cash'll come in useful.

Mischa accesses Dalir's console with her wristpad and downloads everything before wiping it clean

Caine: Oh, and Misch? I forgive you for not giving me the happy ending I paid for. I got a refund. *grins teasingly as she pats the pocketed latinum*

Mischa fills the coat pockets with the not-to-be-wasted latinum as she rolls her eyes and chuckles at Tabi's comment

Mischa: "Seems we're all set. Let's get the hell out of here and get these things back to their rightful owners"

After departing the smouldering remnants of Dalir's ruined operation, the group made haste to the neighbouring planet of Nuevis IV where the diamonds were returned to their rightful owners. The royal family were eternally grateful to Starfleet and eagerly informed their counterparts on Nuevis II of the situation. Before long, the hostilities in the system had ceased pending a new royal wedding which the Starfleet heroes were welcomed to attend. Respectfully declining the invitation, they were all eager to return to more familiar surroundings - but not before presenting a gift for the new royal couple of a healthy stack of liberated latinum.

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