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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Decen are a bipedal species and an advanced spacefaring society occupying several star systems spread across multiple sector blocks. Decen society is largely compartmentalized with overall territory being operated independently by different ruling factions known as the Five Families; Drasca, Valeni, Lorena, Medan & Satri. Though there is no physiological variation between these, culturally there are significant differences between each of them.

//Decen Biology//

//Last known political map of Decen Territory//

The species is believed to have originated from the Hallon system - central to Decen territory - which now serves as a neutral central government for collaboration between the Five Families. Each territory has it's own capital world

  • Drasca

//Drasca Family Palace//
  • Valeni

  • Hallon

  • Medan

  • Satri

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