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Updated: Mar 19, 2023

We use the word Dathrasi as an insult against people who always yearn for more. It would be unbecoming for any Qunari to act like a Dathrasi, but we should not let the use of the word to affect our perception of the creature.

The Dathrasi have a vital place in the world, and it is due to their willingness to consume almost anything that grows. We give them what we cannot eat. They become fat. Then we feed on them. Without Dathrasi, much of our resources would have to go to waste because there is nothing else that can consume them. The Dathrasi turn what is not edible for us into something that we can eat.

All things are equal under the Qun. All things have a role. The Dathrasi is no less important than the Ataashi.

—Tamassran teaching notes

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