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Darth Æmeria







1298YE (37 Years Old)


Dromund Kaas




120lbs (135lbs with orbalisks)






Sith Inquisitor

Advanced Class



Sith Alchemy, Knowledge of the Dark Side, Force Lightning


Vicious Assailant Lightsaber




Sith Empire


  • 1335 YE | Granted the title of Darth.

  • 1334 YE | Captured Padawan Aris Lorca while he was on a mission and transformed him using Sith Alchemy.

  • 1333 YE | Tricked by Videte into attempting to retrieve the holocron of Freedon Nadd, being infested with orbalisks instead.


Darth Æmeria is the Sith Lord charged with overseeing the research ship Erudite. Born to a proud family strong with Sith blood, Æmeria was raised with the intention of becoming a Dark Lord and held highly traditionalist views on the Sith Code and the ways of the order. She was trained both personally by her parents and then in the newly re-established Sith Academy on Korriban, though she was not taken as a formal apprentice by her mother as planned due to her death in the war. Instead, Æmeria, skilled with sorcery, became the apprentice of Lord Scabrous.

Scabrous taught Æmeria to refine her abilities and apply them to permanently alter objects and lifeforms with the art of Sith Alchemy. When Scabrous was given the title of Darth and the position of head of the Odacer-Faustin Academy, he elevated Æmeria to a full Sith Lord. She worked in the Sphere of Biotic Science for several years as an alchemist before encountering Darth Thanaton, another traditionalist Sith with whom her views aligned. Thanaton recruited the young pureblood into his power base and eventually persuaded the Dark Council to assign her as the manager of the Erudite, arguing that she was the perfect candidate due to her having served in both the Spheres of Ancient Knowledge and Biotic Science, who jointly ran the research vessel.

Æmeria resumed her work in alchemy on the Erudite in addition to her research for the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. The Erudite progressed well under her direction, though there was some who did not respect her authority due to only holding the title of Lord. She appealed to the Dark Council numerous times to be made a Darth, but her requests went unanswered. During her time on the Erudite, she would also personally greet members of the Sith Order who utilized the ship's facilities, one of which was Videte, the personal Eye of Darth Jadus. Suspecting that the assassin was up to something as science and Sith secrets were not her domain, Æmeria followed her to Dxun. Infuriated at Videte's agreement with the ex-Jedi Thena to secretly access the holocron of Freedon Nadd, Æmeria attempted to kill the two, but was manipulated by Videte into attempting to seize the holocron, a trick that caused several orbalisks in the tomb to latch on to her.

Escaping alive though humiliated, Æmeria sought out the Dark Council, demanding that Jadus' assassin be brought to justice for siding with an ex-Jedi to conspire against a fellow Sith. However, with the influence of Darth Jadus and the fact that all records of Videte's existence had been erased, there was nothing to state that the assassin was even real, and the Council determined that it was impossible to punish a ghost. Æmeria once again demanded to be given the title of Darth as to exert more control over the Erudite and prevent such individuals from accessing the ship but the Dark Council refused, seeing her defeat by Videte as a failure and a sign of weakness.

For the next two years, Æmeria focused on increasing her power and learning to control and make use of the orbalisk armour she now had. Her studies allowed her to discover how to limit their growth to just her torso, and she constructed special armour that she wore at almost all times to prevent the orbalisks from spreading too far. Her abilities in Sith Alchemy improved, her greatest feat being the capture and transformation of Jedi Padawan Aris Lorca into a dark side monstrosity. She also began a project to reconstruct the genome of the ancient Sith species, thus creating a true pureblood, and her recent successes finally attracted the attention of several Dark Councillors, who named her Darth Æmeria.

With her new title, Æmeria has begun to expand her influence beyond the Erudite, though the research ship remains her primary centre of operations and the heart of her fledgling power base. She remains an ally to both Thanaton and Scabrous, and is rumoured to be working secretly against Jadus and the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence.

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