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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

"Hello player, accessing archive data on Cybele..."


Enyalius System, near Hades Gamma Cluster

Mass Relay Access:

Antaeus Relay

Orbital Distance:

1.25 AU

Keplerian Ratio:



7,412 km

Day Length:

25 Earth Hours

Atmospheric Pressure:

1.16 atm

Surface Temp:

19 °C

Surface Gravity:

1.1 g


1.611 Earth Masses




Cybele is a garden world with a variety of climate zones, ranging from frozen tundras to temperate jungles. The planet is divided into nine continents. On the centremost continent, located on the equator of the planet, is the ruins of a long forgotten Prothean colony, a location that has become a hotbed of activity and political competition within the past few months. The ruins are based on a large island, with several structures on smaller islands that surround it. Though no formal name has been assigned, most refer to them collectively as the Forerunner Isles. Archaeologists' current theory on why the Protheans chose to build on these isles is that they were practicing some form of racial or class segregation, though no significant variations between discoveries from different islands have yet been confirmed.

The small sea on which the Forerunner Isles are located also possesses other clusters of islands. The Systems Alliance has decided to set its colony in close proximity to the ruins to lay claim on them, thus also choosing a large island to establish a foothold on, then expand outwards onto the surrounding islands if need be. The sea is surrounded by a series of mountain ranges which are the result of other tectonic plates all pushing inwards on the central continent, and there is only one relatively narrow passage leading out into the wider ocean. The batarians have decided to set up their camp within the mountains to gain a wide vantage point of the area surrounding the ruins, and the majority of their current buildings are constructed on plateaus both natural and artificial.


March 15, 2171

Alliance ships exploring the Hades Gamma Cluster discover an isolated system beyond the cluster's boundaries. The system does not appear on any charts and is given the name Enyalius.

March 18, 2171

Closer exploration of the Enyalius system reveals an inactive mass relay orbiting near the edge of the system.

May 4, 2171

A team of scientists are sent to the Enyalius system, including asari and salarian mass relay specialists. It is discovered that the relay has either somehow been damaged or malfunctioned and is not just dormant, but inoperable. The surveyors also determine that the third planet in the system, Cybele, is suitable for habitation and colonization and contains evidence suggesting former Prothean occupation.

July 25, 2171

The first batch of colonists are deployed to claim Cybele for the Systems Alliance.

July 29, 2171

A batarian task force is detected mobilizing near the Enyalius system. The Alliance gathers its own forces under the command of Admiral Christina Brommel.

July 30, 2171

The Batarian Hegemony disavows General Gahak, the leader of the batarian task force, stating that he has gone rogue to distance the government from the events on Cybele.

August 1, 2171

The batarians deploy their forces on Cybele and establish a war camp. Alliances forces arrive just in time before the batarians can launch any attacks. With the strength of both sides evenly-matched and neither willing to fire the first shot, the stalemate begins.

August 2, 2171

The batarians formally broadcast their claim to the Enyalius system. They offer a reward for any who helps them evict the humans from the region.

August 3, 2171

The Alliance asks for the help of the Citadel Council as the batarians have withdrawn from their governance and become a rogue state. The Council refuses to assist.

August 5, 2171

The Alliance contacts the Citadel Council again, this time with information on the Prothean ruins located on Cybele and an overview of the first few items excavated before the batarians arrived. The Council is suddenly interested and agrees to assist with the situation.

August 15, 2171

Turian forces, the first of those representing the Citadel Council, arrive on Cybele. Turian General Vorthox plans an attack to out the batarians.

August 16, 2171

Blood Pack mercenaries answer the batarians' call, reinforcing them on Cybele.

August 18, 2171

Blue Suns mercenaries begin arriving on Cybele. The additional strength renders General Vorthox's plan unusable and the stalemate continues.

August 20, 2171

With their region of the planet well-defended, the batarians begin erecting permanent buildings with the goal of building a colony. The Alliance attempts to enlarge their colony as well, using patriotism and propaganda to urge colonists to come to Cybele.

September 2, 2171

Several Alliance commanders fall out with General Vorthox after discovering his role in the First Contact War. After injuring an Alliance officer in a brawl, Vorthox is recalled and replaced by General Decimus. Tensions between the humans and turians on Cybele rise.

September 15, 2171

After nearly a month of no action save for small skirmishes, mercenaries begin to fight among themselves over payment and spoils. Several are injured and one Blue Suns mercenary is killed during a bar fight with the Blood Pack.

September 22, 2171

The Alliance attempts to negotiate with the batarians. Later that day, a human-salarian archaeology team is found dead in the ruins after dropping out of contact, cutting the negotiations short.

October 1, 2171

Current Date

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