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Koans are an advanced bipedal species; warm blooded, though not believed to be of mammalian descent. Most notably, they are mono-gendered; procreating through the sharing of genetic information an appropriate lifecycle phase is entered. The physical process based around a 'bearer' secreting a protein cocoon which eventually matures. Despite this singular nature, the Koans are reported to have a diverse appearance; varying most predominately in flesh tone, though some individuals of the species also possess horns. Though details are currently not on record as to their nature; the Koan homeworld is also host to a hostile parasitic lifeform (presumed non-sentient). Deemed such a threat still, a significant portion of ongoing modern Koan investment is in protection from & treatment of parasite infestation with dedicated facilities capable of treating an entire continents worth of inhabitants.

Though warp capable, their level of technology is approximately 200 years behind current Starfleet standards & incorporates land based vehicles such as hovercraft. Described as being 'amenable, albeit bureaucratic', the species is unified under it's 'United Governments of Koa' which formed approximately 300 years ago, following their advent of warp travel. Prior to that discovery, Koa consisted of multiple nation-states and mega-corporations which were in a constant political flux with one another. This pre-warp evolution is indicative of their bureaucratic nature which persists today through immensely complex procedures and protocols for every situation. The entire society is also highly compartmentalized into a multitude of utilitarian functions with a high level of interdepartmental cooperative interaction.

known Individuals:

  • Officer of Extraplanetary Affairs Reyol Dolam Vorsane

  • United Koa Expeditionary Fleet Commander Maceum Tygoren Silime

  • Parasitic Lifeforms Specialist Doctor Syish Morgal Damalee

  • Administrator of Extraplanetary Affairs Alasey Vetine Reymish


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