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"Captain Se'lai; ISS Legacy recording... Ep. 4"

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

"...Quint's plan failed, cursed Terran's always getting too cocky for their own good - I risked my neck for this idiotic scheme of his - and for what? For all his promises of glorious victory what have I have been left with? Shame and an illusion of weakness I must now work to overcome, lest any Terran minions around here get any ideas!" her upper lip curls in bitterness as she eyes the sealed doorway with a sense of mistrust and resentment to those roaming the hallway beyond.

Keelah lay sprawled out on a sofa in her private chambers on board the ISS Legacy - once the executive home of the Terran 'Forrester', until Keelah wormed her way into his bed before slitting his throat in his sleep - She was still sore with battle wounds, and even more so with resentment at being made to look weak by Quint's failure. She caressed the fabric of the sofa, fond with the memories of the day she took command on this very spot before gently pulling her dagger from her hip and toying with it in her fingertips as she spoke.

"I will credit him this much; it started out well enough. I was summoned alongside a Terran named Varley and a Betazoid, Beylara was it? Quint was quick establish his fellow Terran with command over us 'Xeno's'" Her face twists distaste for the derogatory term, "I had no doubt right from that first encounter that Beylara and I were little more than cannon fodder to these two - quite ironic really since we were the only ones bringing necessary skills to the table"

"His plan sounded simple enough; transport to the /other/ universe and retrieve his mirror for interrogation. The prospect was enticing - it is all too rare a day that a Terran is allowed to be interrogated by any other than their own - and we executed it perfectly!"

She smirks with the fond memory of close quarters combat, even if the soft Fed Quint did get the drop on her thanks to the emotional bumblings of the Betazoid telling us he was not resisting. She still relished the tension of the air in that runabout, as she held her body tight against his cruelly tormenting him as she flipped from feigning biting his ear to teasingly licking at his neck whilst holding her beloved dagger across his throat - she licks her lips, "If there is one constant across all universes; it is the taste of fear'

"Upon our return I was finally allowed to enjoy myself with him, as it transpired this was Varley & Quint's first attempt at throwing me to the wolves - with our prisoner secured I was invited to retrieve his security codes via mind meld whilst the Betazed hid in the corner and observed his mind - for all the good it did us previously! What they did not reveal to me however that was not the first the /other/ Quint had been used in this manner and having already had his mind attacked in the past, this would not prove such an easy task." she growls lightly at the memory of being used in such a manner. Terran's were cruel beyond belief!

"As I began my mental assault he of course resisted, however despite his best efforts he could not hold out for long. I pressed hard against his mental defenses and felt..." she trembles almost with a sense of arousal licking her lips, "...his pain! Memories were forming, he could not hide them from me forever! But then it happened; as I pushed harder still against his mind and retraced my touch across his soft face the b****** bit me!" She launches her dagger in a fit of rage, embedding it in a painting opposite - this is not the only dagger hole in the painting, "He may have regretted his small victory however, as I returned to a dominating stance in front of him I showed my distaste when I spat down on him. Of course he turned his face down at this not knowing that was my desire all along making it that much more pleasurable to connect my left boot with his jaw before leaving for the medical station" she grins, "I knew I'd connect with him one way or the other!"

"Over the coming days we slowly broke his spirit... and his body.... and his mind" she grins briefly before her face twists in resentment, "But then they arrive - a strike team from /their/ universe. I told Quint we should have conducted the interrogations on board the Legacy, but noooo - he just had to keep all the cards close to his chest! The Feds made short work of his weak Terran forces and before we knew it they had us surrounded."

The Terran - Varley - used our broken toy as a human shield... a typical Terran tactic, however they played us for fools baiting Varley with negotiations whilst they flanked our position." She punches the sofa, jumping up and pacing the room as she continues, "The soft Trill at my side - Nirali, was it? - got duped into lowering her weapon and was quickly thrown to wolves hiding like cowards in the hallway by Varley. As she approached they opened fire. The excitement and chaos quickly ensued with weapons fire exchanged, but we were too entrenched. I managed to drop the stumpy MACO before they flanked our position with a wide beam stun." She shakes her head in shame, "That's the last time I allow a Terran to co-ordinate my movements in combat"

She retrieves her dagger from the wall and leans back as continues to fondle it's blade, "I awoke a short time later to find that the Fed's had gone - why had they not killed us as we lay there - I have heard that Terran's in /that/ universe are soft surely even they could not be so forgiving - They are still Terran's after all are they not?" she shakes the brief thought from her mind, "I did not waste time. The others were still unconscious thanks to their weak bodies and so I took my leave hailing the Legacy for immediate pickup - I did not want to be around when the angry Terran - Varley - came around, it would be all too easy for her to blame her own failings on us 'xenos' and I was in no mood for games by that point."

"So what now, where does this leave me? This was my first encounter with the Terran's from /that/ universe that I've heard so much about, I honestly believed that we would better them - that our own prowess and determination would be far too great a nemesis for them to withstand. Leeta was right... they should not be underestimated... A mistake I will not be making again"

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