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Caledonian System

System Capital: Caledonia Prime (VI)

Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus

Number of Worlds: 10

Status: War Footing (Secure)

System Governor: System Lord Levi McGraph


The Caledonian System is a planetarry system within the Segmentum Obscurus. The most renowned world in the system is Caledonia IX, from which the core of the Caledonian Forces is mustered from, with entire continents devoted to training Imperial Guard. The entire system has seen many battles, with a number of prolonged campaigns within it against orks, forces of Chaos or the Tau. Following these campaigns and the military signifgance of the system for its Forge world, the planets have been heavily fortifed with a system called the Caledonian Shield. The Caledonian Shield is made up of multiple layers of void shields around a planet and banks of orbital cannons supporting the Mons Megs, massive orbital cannons that can crack the hull of a heavy cruiser. These cannons are relics from before the age of strife, the STC for which has long been lost to time.


  • Caledonia I | Dead World (Delta) -Mining World

  • Caledonia II | Dead World (Delta) - Penal/Mining World

  • Caledonia III | Dead World (Delta) - Industrial World

  • Caledonia IV | Fortress World (Rho)

  • Caledonia V | Hive World (Eta)

  • Caledonia VI | Civilised World (Gamma) - System Capital

  • Caledonia VII | Forge World (Phi)

  • Caledonia VIII | Agri World (Alpha)

  • Caledonia IX | Fortress World (Rho)

  • Caledonia X | Death World (Delta Tau)

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