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Atropos Mnemosyne









Dromund Kaas










Sith Inquisitor

Advanced Class



Force visions, Force phantom and Force insanity,


Lightsaber of Dark Promise




Order of Midnight | Krath Reborn



Born to lady Serpin and dread master Calphayus and mixed with genetic engineering of Dread master Bestia and Brontes planted a small piece of one of the Phobis devices and a Dread seed giveing to them by Lord Fulminiss into her genetic code to make her the perfect weapon. Though in the early months i did not seem that she would survive what they did to her but somehow she survived even though every other specimen they tried it on died in a few months.

And as she got older it would seem as if there was a feeling of dread around her and it would even effect full grown adults there was even an incident where a an up and coming darth called Jadus met her while he was meeting with her mother where he would reportedly be said to keep looking nervously at Atropos.

And not the older and more experienced sith as if the 10 year old girl was a bigger threat than her mother of course Darth Jadus denies these rumors even though he has at least 4 other darth close to him every time he would later meet Darth Atropos

In the later years of the war she would take on her first Apprentice Lord Svak and shortly their after Empress Vandra Keto or as she would be known at that time heiress Keto. and a few years into the cold war she would take another 2 Apprentice Legacy Cloud and Vàzzen. She has also decide to marry her second apprentice vandra even though she also is the lover of Dread Master Bestia

Most people consider her a monster and she does tend to agree but if you know her then you would learn she has two weakness which are her skills with a lightsaber though she is improving and her younger brother.

Dread Lord Atropos Dread Squad

Zostil Kintir

Zostil came to be in Atropos service because she did not care about what race you came from as long as you got results and did not fail her and so he chose to join her and over a short few years became apart of her Dread squad as they became known as when the war began anew where he was the second-im-command right after Narn aka "darlin".

Noon Mid

Noon Mid is a Female Kalessh Bounty hunter who was considered Small Time evem by other Bounty hunters and so was suprised when Atropos hired her to Assassinate a sith rival but when she arrived to kill her target and getting though alot of the target security it was Atropos herslef who was there to test her if she was worth the money for full time hireing and since she passed the test she then got the job and even earned herself a place on the Dread Squad and few people who have survived an encounter with the squad says that she maybe the most dangerous of the squad

Guvoy Gent

Guvoy Gent worked as a small time biologist on coruscant before she was personally hired by Atropos face to face during the cold war to work on her Animals to enchance them in anyway she saw fit as long as they could be used for war and Guvoy agreed since some of her colleagues saw her experiments as unethical and insane and now she mostly works with Niesh Gavra to make sure that Atropos war beasts are in good health from her Experiments. While she is not an Offical Member of the Dread Squad has the same amount fantical Loyalty as the rest of the Squad. and since joining Atropos she has disovered that she has some skill in the force ability called Beast Control

Nirzol Juwhut

Lord Nirzol is a sith who had no powerbase left after a rival tried to kill him and failed and so was absorbed by Atropos until he could rebuild but over the years he has given up his own ambitions and has devoted himself to furthering Atropos cause and so because of this Atropos has placed him in her Dread Squad as to sow fear in her enemies.