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Apodis System

System Capital: Apodis Prime (III)

Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum

Number of Worlds: 5

Status: Secure

System Governor: System Lord Anders Tolzen


The Apodis System is a planetary system within the Ultima Segmentum. Due to its position on an intersection of major warp routes in the Epsilon sector, it has been turned into a military stronghold. With Apodis IV being converted in a military command hub with massive complexes of buildings for planning and organising the military efforts of the Imperium, in orbit of these planets are massive dockyards capable of supporting entire Naval Battlegroups. More recent history has seen it has the control and supply centre of the Epsilon Crusade that was started in 999.M41 after what started as a few minor rebellions resulted in the spread of Chaos and the majority of the sector rebelling.


  • Apodis I | Fortress World

  • Apodis II | Repository World

  • Apodis III | Civilised World

  • Apodis IV | Fortress World

  • Apodis V | Fortress World

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