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Annabelle Carter





FO | USS Valley Forge


CT-324-9409 OML

















Dark Brown



  • 2412 | Enrolled in Starfleet AcademySwitched specialization from Engineering to Piloting

  • 2415 | Enrolled in Field Training Program in the 38th FleetServed as Pilot Trainee on U.S.S. Axiom

  • 2416 | Graduated from Starfleet AcademyCurrently serving as fighter pilot on U.S.S. Axiom


  • Physical altercation with other cadets x 2

  • Misuse of Starfleet property


Ann grew up on Nimbus III as an orphan with no memory of her family or origins. All she knew was that her name was ‘Annabelle,’ which was shortened to Ann by the people around her. As far back as she can recall, she lived on the streets of Paradise City, playing with kids of her age, and being raised by other orphans who were slightly older. Ann worked odd jobs as she grew up, such as cleaning the bar or delivering messages and being a lookout for shady people. Like the rest of the orphans, she often had to resort to theft to survive.

Ann eventually discovered that she had a talent for repairing or making something new out of the junk she and the other street kids scavenged. As she got better and better, she started to sell these goods, and that soon became her niche in Paradise City. Her creations, some of which were very ingenious, did not sell for much, as the people of Nimbus had little to pay her, but they allowed her to make a more honest and stable living.

However, a series of unfortunate events befell her, culminating with a few of her fellow street kids working with Orion slavers to kidnap her. She managed to escape, but decided that Paradise City was no longer safe for her, and so she took some parts and supplies and made a living in the desert for the next few years. Every once in a while, she would enter the city to trade things she had salvaged or constructed from salvage in exchange for items that would assist her survival in the desert.

In 2410, shortly after Hassan the Undying was driven off Nimbus, a Starfleet vessel, the U.S.S. Omaha, came to the planet to search for a Tal Shiar agent. The agent fled into the desert after she realized that Installation 18 was gone, and using a combination of technological and geological skill, evaded precise tracking and transporter locks from the Omaha. The first officer of the vessel, Commander Fredrick Carter, had no choice but to lead an away team deep into the desert to hunt the agent.

The desert was a harsh place, and the Starfleet officers found it difficult to track their target. They found what they believed to be a lead, but instead came upon Ann’s campsite. Ann was initially reluctant to trust them, but offered them supplies (which she thought they needed) as trade for one of their Starfleet issue tricorders. Commander Carter eventually convinced her to help them traverse the desert in exchange for the one thing she wanted most- a new life, a life away from the wasteland of Nimbus III.

With Ann’s assistance, the away team located and apprehended the Tal Shiar agent, and honouring his word, Commander Carter took Ann onboard the ship and brought her to the Federation as a refugee. When filling out her paperwork, Ann wrote ‘Carter’ as her surname. Many thought that this was some form of expression of gratitude for the commander’s action in getting her off Nimbus, but really, she just did it because it was necessary for a human applicant, and she thought the name sounded good.

Life was significantly better for Ann in the Federation, though it came with its own set of problems. She had to take special classes to adjust to the new lifestyle, and even to this day she has found some old habits difficult to break. She also idolized the Starfleet officers of the Omaha and sought to be just like them. The commanding officer of the Omaha sponsored her, but being uneducated, she took and failed the Starfleet entrance exam three times. One thing she had learned from surviving in the desert as a scavenger was never to let up, and she was determined to keep trying. Finally Ann was admitted following her fourth attempt, partly due to improvement and partly due to relaxed standards (there was more need for officers amidst the ever-worsening galactic situation).

Ann entered Starfleet Academy at the start of the 2412 school year. She spent her first semester studying engineering, as she thought this was where her talents lay. However, theoretical engineering, with its numbers and theories, was vastly different from what she did on Nimbus, and while she excelled at the practical work, she failed miserably in most courses. She decided to switch her focus to piloting (which she thought was also pretty cool) and though she started out at the bottom of the class, she soon got the hang of it and managed to pass most of her classes.

Still relatively new to this society she has found herself in, Ann was given some warnings for a few cases of disorderly conduct, though they were not severe enough to see her expelled from the academy. Her prior lifestyle has not made the trials of a Starfleet cadet any easier for her, and she often found herself lacking the moral judgement that seemingly came naturally to her fellow students. One of her more noteworthy acts was during a variant of the no-win scenario. While other cadets had difficulty choosing how to save the most people, Ann’s survivalist attitude led her to immediately call a retreat. Some commended the act, seeing as the only way to ‘win’ was not to get involved at all and live to fight another day, but others scolded her for selfish behavior unbecoming of a Starfleet officer.

Despite the hardships, Ann made it through three years of academy work. Seeking practical, hands-on-experience, she elected to serve on a starship in her fourth year and was assigned to the U.S.S. Axiom in the 38th Fleet. Developing a fondness for fighter craft, Ann remained on the Axiom, one of the few Starfleet vessels to carry them, following her graduation from the academy.

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