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"A Final Goodbye"

Turian prison camp on Palavan 14 Years ago.

"dammit Gabbi get on that shuttle thats not a request but an order." came Captain Amari voice barely audible over the sound of gun fire. "i am not leaving you behind to play hero-." " i am not playing hero atleast one of us has to make it back to abigail, jack take her and get on that ship i will keep them occupied until you get out of here." and just as she finished talking a grenade blew up a piece of her cover and damaged some of her visor. " come on Gabbi we have already lost evè and Ben on jackie's one man rescue we cant stay here or we will all die and what happens to abigail then." came Jack Harpers voice as he fired his gun towards the advancing turian soldiers. "al--alright but you better be coming home in one piece Jackie or i will kill you myself." came Gabriella's voice trying to sound like she believed what she was saying . " ofcourse now go ." ordred Jackie as she herself ran out of cover in the opposite direction of the shuttle she used to get there while she was fireing at the turians at the same time Gabriella and Jack ran towards the shuttle.

"come on you bastards I’m just getting started." she yelled towards the turians who where shooting at her new position after she scored a headshot on what seemed to be an overeager soldier. ' it seems my visor target lock still somewhat works even with its damage but this prototype Mattock really does its work well .' she thought while fireing at the turains from behind her cover but as she was pulling herself back behind her cover one of the turians hit her shoulder. 'damm this is not good well i guess i have no choice but to go to plan-B it was i good thing i took that small bomb with me if i am not getting out of her alive well then I can safely say that i didn't start this war, but I'm damn well gonna finish it here and now. forgive me Gabbi i dont think i am gonna be able to keep that promise just quite yet.'

as she decided to run out of cover and run over to what seemed like a power station of some kind but as she was placeing the bomb the turians who had been ran from just a few seconds earlier began fireing on her again and one of the shots hit her in the leg and as she collapsed from the wound she activated the bombs countdown and crawled behind a pipe and began fireing back as she yelled towards the turians ""Not dead yet you damm bastards it take more then that to finish me off i am damm army of one ." and instead of aiming at her targets she was just spraying her bullets as much as she could with her rifle and hoping it would give both Gabbi and Jack time to get away and for the bomb to blow up and i would almost certainly kill her aswell. 'damm this was not how i wanted this to go' and as the time hit zero all she felt was pain and then everything went black.

7 months later on Palavan.

"damm you are one tough bastard you know that Captain you should be dead even your Alliance have already held a funeral a few months ago and there are rumors that you will be getting a Star of Terra posthumously for your actions of freeing two hundred people from some of our prison camps." came the voice of a Turian while looking at a still heavly bandaged woman on a medical bed.

"i am still surprised how only your head got a few scars and nothing else." "you know aswell as i do it was just luck and you showing up to see what the explosion was that happend that got me though this victus and i gotta thank you for not just letting me die or being left in a turian prison to rot until i died." came the low voice of Jackie Amari who barely survived her encounter with a bomb " so what are you gonna do when you can leave here." asked Victus "i dont know everyone i know believes that i am dead and now that i think about it those turian soldiers where right on top of me even before i set off that alarm so some one must have tiped them off so i am probably going to see if i can find them."

"may i ask who got you that ship." "uhm someone called themselfs an agent of someone called the shadow broker." " the shadow broker is the biggest infomations broker in the galaxy so i cant help with that but i could call some alliance marines to come and get you." " no dont if they are after either me or my family then i want them to believe that i am dead but as a thanks for saving me i believe i owe you one so if you ever need help just call me." came Jackie voice as she was slowly getting out of the medical bed. " and how am i suppose to contact you hmm. if you are gonna go undergrund then it gonna be hard to find you again." "i am guessing that you have scanned my visor if you need me just send a message to it saying 'Old soldiers never die, and they don't fade away.' then i know you are calling in that debt." "alright i and i am guessing you are leaveing now even if you are not at 100% yet."

"yeah." " alright when you get out of here there is a ship that takes you to a place called omega it for lowlives but its a good place for a person to disappear." "thanks once again Victus."

'sorry gabbi i think its gonna be awhile before you see me again hope you are not to broken up about my so called death.'

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